How Do I Get Started With Your Company?
Thank you for your interest in our services. We offer both cable and internet services to residential and commercial Customers. Requirements Vary & Are As Follows: Residential: - Government Issued Identification ( Passport, National ID, Drivers License) - Debit or Credit Card/ Cash - Visit One of Our Service Locations ( Montego Bay Or Westmoreland) Commercial: -Company TRN - Letter Indicating request for service - Letter authorising Personnel to conduct business on behalf of the business/company/school, etc. - Government Issued ID - Cash/ Debit or Credit Card Installation Fees Starting @:( residential rates, commercial varies) - Cornwall Cable: $13, 000 - Cornwall Fibe: $ 15,500 - HFC Internet- $10,500 Monthly Rates Starting @:( residential rates, commercial varies) - Cornwall Cable: $2,800 - Cornwall Fibe : $5,000 - HFC Net- $3,220 All Installations may take up to thirty (30) business days after the application has been processed.
How Do I Run A Test SpeedTest?
Simply Follow The Link,
Why Am I Seeing A Red Light At “LOS”
On My ONU? This Could Caused By Two Things: The Yellow Patch Cord That Is Plugged At The Back Or Bottom Of The ONU Has Become Unplugged. Simply, Double Check To Ensure That It Is Firmly Positioned In The ONU. There Is An Issue With The Signal That Is Being Distributed From The Distribution Box To Your Premises. You Are Required To File A Report With Our Customer Support. You Can Make Contact Via WhatsApp At 876-952-1889.
My Devices Are Saying “connected, no internet”, What Is happening?
This Can Be Caused By One Of Two Things. Either A Billing Issue Or Your ONU Has Been Reset. We Ask That You Double Check To Ensure That Your Account Is Currently Up To Date In Terms Of Payment. If It Is, We Recommend Contacting Us Via WhatsApp @ 876-952-1889. In Addition, We Ask That You Try Forgetting Your Wireless Network Then Try Reconnecting To It With The Same Password That You Are Used To. If You Are Able to Reconnect Without Issues, That Means Your Modem Has Not Been Reset. However, If You Are Having Difficulties Reconnecting, We Would Strongly Recommend You Bringing The ONU To Our Office To Be Reconfigured For You.
I Am Unable To Get Wi-Fi Signal In Sections Of My House That I Need It To Work.
We Highly Recommend That You Check Out Our Cornwall Mesh Services. Please Refer To Our “Internet” Page For More Details Or Chat With An Agent Via WhatsApp.
I Want To Upgrade My Speed Package From The Current One I Have, How Do I Go About That?
Simply Add Us To Your WhatsApp Contacts And Send Us A Message With Your Account Details Such As The Name, Address, Telephone # And The Speed In Which You Would Like To Upgrade To.